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Here is where you can support the movement with a cash donation. Categories of giving are listed below. Select an area that interests you and make your donation there. All donations are completely tax deductible as is a 501c3

1 Million Father Project

Supports The Movement Support


  • 1 Million Father More
  • Active In The Lives Of
  • Their Children
  • Ultimately Changing The World

100Fathers General Donations

General Donation Fund Support


  • General Funds For
  • Content Creation
  • Web Streaming
  • Hosting
  • Web Conferencing

100Fathers Program Support

Donations Support Programs Support


  • Single Father Support Groups
  • Step-Father Suport Groups
  • Retain Experts
  • Live Events
  • Virtual Mediation 

100Fathers Scholarship Fund

For Fathers Furthering Their Education Support
  • High School Fathers
  • Fathers In Undergrad
  • Fathers In Trade Schools
  • Fathers Working On G.E.D.
  • Advanced Studies