Frequently asked questions

Simply put, ".ORG" was taken.  LOL!! could not exisit without the support of our Mothers.  By signing up, Mothers become apart of our 100 Mothers Group.  This group works in conjunction with our Fathers focused on supporting Fatherhood.  Our Mothers are on the frontlines with our children and they are the key to our reform. 

Yes. is indeed a non-profit, designated by the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).   All donations to are completely tax deductable and will go toward our work supporting Fatherhood.

There are several ways to get involved.

  1. Join a support group and share your experiences
    1. Sharing your life's experiences is the best way to help fathers improve the relationships in their families. 
  2. Make a donation
    1. Make a one time donation or subcribe to monthly donations.  All donations are 100% Tax Deductible.
  3. Spread the word
    1. invite others to sign up and become a members of
    2. Invite others to join our facebook Group
    3. Follow us on twitter
  4. Share your expertise
    1. We are always looking for experts in their fields to present to our small groups.  Sign up today and help educate our fathers
  5. Become a stakeholder
    1. Stakeholders are fathers and mothers, men and women dedicated to the success of our families and Dedicated to uplifting our fathers.  Stakeholders are leaders in our organization that give thier time, talent and treasure to our efforts.  Stakeholders play a major role in the direction of the organization as a collective voting voice working as an advisory board for 100Fathers semi-annual board meetings.  
  6. spend more time with your children

NO.  If it is you sole objective to reudce your child support is not for you.  We believe that the number one law of manhood, of Fatherhood is that REAL MEN take care of our own. lives and breathes by this motto as we believe Fathers must take care of other Fathers.  We expect members of our 100Fathers believe this as well.    

However, our number one objective IS to increase the amount of time Fathers spend with their children. This objective inherently reduces child support but lets be clear, Fatherhood has not dollor amount.  Truth be told, spending more time with your children costs a Father WAY more than any check they could write.

So think long and hard before joining our organization.  The price of Fatherhood is high but the reward is even higher.     

No. is an organization for everyone concerned about the stete of families and the importance of Fathers in the lives of their children.  Support for this issue comes from many of life's experences.  Maybe you are a single parent or grew up in a single family home. Life is the only qualification.

No, is a movement and we believe it will take ALL of us to change our community.  We are calling on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles godparents, having experienced Fatherless-ness personally or being witness to the negative impact of an absent Father.  If you are passionate needs you. was created to eliminate Fatherless-ness in America by focusing on Fathers.  Priority number one is for us is to increase time spent with Fathers and their children.  Our second priority is to educate fathers on how GREAT Fatherhood is and that THEY can be the ending of "the cycle".  Our third priority is to build bridges and if necessary, reconnect Fathers with their children.  Lastly, we work to change the perception of Fathers while working or advocating for the rights of Fathers.  We support these priorities with  ACTIONABLE programs, events, small groups, workshops, professional training and planning. 

You can cancel at anytime.  Visit Cancel Membership under the membership tab. 

No.  All monies received by are considered donations are completely tax deductible BUT non-refundable.  For more information please email us at:  

At, We believe one of the cornerstone of Fatherhood is that we take care of our own.  With that said, there are specific costs associated with providing a program of this nature. We use the dues to cover the costs.  These costs include hosting fees, streaming fees, web security, production staff, streaming equipment etc.  

There never a charge to join 

By joining you get access to our forums, blogs and site wide events.  Excess is always FREE.

By joining a Club you are granted access to a communtiy of parents that are working towards the same goals.  Our clubs drill down are address issuse in more detail.   Our clubs are we provide support, organize community campaigns and identify areas of need.