100Fathers.com works to end fathers’ absenteeism in families. We are an innovative organization using the latest technology to support, educate and celebrate fathers.  We take a radical approach in helping Father reclaim their positions as leaders, teachers and role models.  We are a community of action, providing fellowship, education and support for fathers in every stage of the manhood, more importantly, every stage of the fatherhood. 

Let's keep it real, many mothers knowingly or unknowingly transfer the pain of collapsed relationships onto the spirits of their children. Some Fathers believe that a check justifies their absence. Others believe that their absence, justifies their absence. In the end, mothers take on the role of both mom and dad, considering fatherhood as "non-essential" in their family dynamics. This is out of order, and is the seed of the epidemic that bares the bitter fruit of fatherless-ness in America.  

100Fathers.com believes that the crisis in our families is the direct bi-product of lack: lack of knowledge, a lack of support and lack of opportunity. We believe that it takes a perfect balance of BOTH Father and Mother to properly deposit in the lives of their children. Balanced, parental influence only increase our children's chances of successful migrating into adulthood. 100Fathers.com works to provide that support.  We are an organization working to build, re-build and/or re-invest in our children.

The ultimate goal of 100Fathers.com is to provide a safe, accessible and effective environment where Fathers can heal conflicts, build bridges, and mature relationships. We are an organization of Fathers and Mothers, grandparents, godparents, children of single-family homes and mentors working on building, re-building and re-inventing families. Our grand objective is to change negative stereotypes of Fatherhood by addressing cultural influences that we believe greatly impact the crippling effects of absenteeism.  Objective two is to improve working relationships with co-parents in order to ensure better outcomes for our children.  Lastly, we expect to change the world.   




Our Clubs


Blended Father ClubS

Blended Father Clubs are bi-monthly groups for parents thinking about, in the middle of or are years into bringing together their families.  Groups meet online and discuss the many issues the my arise whe dealing with the unique nature of blending families.      

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Custody Planning

Fathers Club

Our Custody Planning Clubs are for Fathers who are at all stages of preparing for, or are fighting for custody.  This group is designed to allow Fathers to share, network, plan and process what is truely necessary for the future of their families. When a relationship dissolves, it isn't IF custody will be challenged but WHEN.  

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Single Fathers Clubs

Raising The Baby Alone

Single Father Clubs are small groups for single fathers to explore solutions to issues the arise have when raising children alone.  We explore issues that include co-parenting with and ex, emotional support for your children, family activities for dad and child, healthy eating, nurturing for children of separation and more.

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Rebuilding Fathers Clubs

Fathers In crisis

Every man has a story but no man has an excuse.  Our Rebuilding Families Clubs are for both Fathers and Mothers that are ready to begin the rebuilding process, with their children, after an abence or some form of broken trust. These groups focus on accountability, responsibility, conflict resolution as well as understanding what to expect during the process.

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