2016 Campaign To Organize One Million 

Men, women, mothers and Fathers committed to uplifting our families, one Father at a time.

The One Million Fathers Project is an iniative that works to get One Million Fathers more involved in the lives of their children. The project works to do this by organizing one million new members, raising one million dollars in support funding and by build our social media network by one million.   One Million to begin change, One Million to support change and One Million to share our message of change. 

 The One Million Father Project objective is to build a family, committed to rebuilding our communities from the inside-out.  We believe that this can only be accomplished by focusing on our families and that means focusing on our Fathers.  It has long been understood that an engaged active Father changes the outcome for his family for the better.  The data proves it.  The impact of a Father's involvement offers a higher likelihood that his family's finnancial foundation will be more stable. His children are more likely to preform better in school, less likely to become teen parents or experiment with drugs and alcohol.  These facts are just the tip of the iceberg as it partains to a Father's positive impact on families.  Our plan is to change the world starting with our Fathers.  We believe that if we invest in our Fathers that they will fix our families.  We believe that once fixed, healthy families will fix our communities.  We believe that healthy communities will change our world.

There are three ways to become a part of the movement.  Click Here to JOIN THE MOVEMENT



Our Clubs


Blended Father ClubS

Blended Father Clubs are bi-monthly groups for parents thinking about, in the middle of or are years into bringing together their families.  Groups meet online and discuss the many issues the my arise whe dealing with the unique nature of blending families.      

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Custody Planning

Fathers Club

Our Custody Planning Clubs are for Fathers who are at all stages of preparing for, or are fighting for custody.  This group is designed to allow Fathers to share, network, plan and process what is truely necessary for the future of their families. When a relationship dissolves, it isn't IF custody will be challenged but WHEN.  

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Single Fathers Clubs

Raising The Baby Alone

Single Father Clubs are small groups for single fathers to explore solutions to issues the arise have when raising children alone.  We explore issues that include co-parenting with and ex, emotional support for your children, family activities for dad and child, healthy eating, nurturing for children of separation and more.

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Rebuilding Fathers Clubs

Fathers In crisis

Every man has a story but no man has an excuse.  Our Rebuilding Families Clubs are for both Fathers and Mothers that are ready to begin the rebuilding process, with their children, after an abence or some form of broken trust. These groups focus on accountability, responsibility, conflict resolution as well as understanding what to expect during the process.

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